Rainer Voltmann is born 1961 in Vienna. After compulsory school he graduated from a high school.

1980-1983 he visited the vocational school for graphic art and passed it with distinction.

Until 1984 he worked for the studio „Kasimir“ in Vienna. 1984 Studies at the „Franz Schubert academy of music in „Jazzflute-Saxophone“.

After that he played in different Groups and Big Bands. 1991 he was a self-employed worker in Studio 67, Vienna, as etching printer against, without stoped music.

Since 1997 he lives and works in Mödling Atelier R. Voltmann and since 2006 he is active for the Neuhauser Kunstmühle in Salzburg too.

He worked for artists like Christoph Kiefhaber, Michael Fuchs, Peter Florian,
Eva Meloun, Rena Meren, Wolfgang Pupek, Felix Watzke, Walter Strobl, Michael Hedwig,
Jakob Kirchmayr, Sabine Playel, Gerald Brettschuh, Eric Kressnig, Florentina Pakosta…
Gallery Klewan (Vienna), Paul Ching Bor (New York), Gottfried Salzmann (Paris), Marika Voß (Berlin),Armin Zingerle (Italy), Robert Helmus (Germany), Nieves Salzmann (Paris), Andreas Legat, Stefanie Binding (Germany)….

Since 2003 he experiment with the thematic „etching“ ownself and visited different further vocational trainings. 2007 he visited an further vocational training for Photogravure in Rielasingen (Germany).

Since 2007 he worked intensive with Photography which he transfers into Photogravures.